My Curated Style: #WashableFashion Challenge

Earlier this week, I blogged about The Backseat Stylers‘ #WashableFashion contest. Everyday for six days, they challenged their readers with different themes such as Red Haute, Desk to Dinner and Black + White. Daily winners would receive a Pink Tartan and Tide prize pack. So of course I accepted the challenge! If you couldn’t tell from my big old dorky smile, I had a ton of fun doing this! These photos pretty much reflect my day-to-day look, but I also pushed myself on days I normally dress down (ah, good old Sunday).

One thing I hope you do notice is that I’ve reworn a few items. Look at my footwear. The same boots and shoes make several appearances. We don’t all have the means to wear completely brand new outfits everyday. And why would we?! I bought those black boots five years ago and polish them regularly. Anyone who knows me will recognize the black-and-white striped Club Monaco top in Challenge #6; it’s been to a lot of parties! The long-sleeve tee in the Red Haute outfit is worn on a weekly basis. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a constant parade of new clothes to be fashionable. I like having well-loved items that have been with me for awhile and have stories to tell. They can be worn in new ways or re-imagined with different accessories. I tacked on a red felted heart brooch to spruce up the striped top and threw a new cardigan over my not-so-new black dress. Style is about creativity and how you put things together, not about how much new clothing you have.

Did you take part in the challenge? I’d love to see how you interpreted the themes! Post a link in the comments below or tweet me @jordashna.

Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: October 15-21

Jack Lux Vintage Pop Up Shop, Queen and Bathurst, September 9, 2014
Jack Lux Toronto Pop-Up, Queen and Bathurst, September 9, 2014

Toronto fashion lovers, get thee to the Jack Lux Toronto Pop-Up shop! They are down to their last week, so everything is $20 or less! I stopped by on Wednesday during Vintage Crawl Toronto and picked up a 1950s wool coat for $20. Yup, $20, no joke. It’s my first legitimate piece of vintage clothing and is perfect for fall/winter. You have till October 23 to find your perfect vintage score!

While you’re browsing the racks at Jack Lux, you might want to keep this contest in mind. Continue reading

Tribute to WORN Fashion Journal

Worn Journal
Worn Journal display at Word on the Street, Queen’s Park Circle, September 21, 2014

I may be a blogger, but I also love print media. Fashion magazines have been an ongoing source of style fascination and education since I was a pre-teen. It began with ‘Teen and Seventeen, moved onto Sassy and Jane, then grew into InStyle, Elle, and Vogue. However, I’ve found myself growing distinterested in the hyper-marketing and narrow definitions of beauty that plague the pages of these magazines, especially the American ones. Luckily, Canadian publications have made a noticeable effort to find their own voice and content. One publication that has made a name for itself away from the pack is WORN Fashion Journal. An independent publication run by a group of Toronto volunteers, WORN takes a more critical, historical and academic look at fashion. Continue reading

Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: October 8-14

rack of clothes at the Blogger Bazaar, Soho House, September 27, 2014
rack of clothes at the Fall 2014 Blogger Bazaar, Soho House, September 27, 2014

It is now fully fall in our fair city. I bought a cozy, slightly oversized, grey cable knit sweater and am ready to wrap myself up in tall leather boots, thick tights, and fleece-lined mittens. Essential for when you’re trekking the city in search of great style and fun fashion events! There are a few worth checking out this week, including two on Thursday: GapDay with FLARE Magazine and the Fall 2014 edition of Vintage Crawl Toronto. I’m also invited to a clothing swap that same evening, so I’m going for the triple threat! Who’s up for the challenge? Continue reading

Out and About: Etsy Made in Canada

Etsy banner at their Made in Canada marketplace, MaRS building
Etsy banner at the Made in Canada marketplace, MaRS building, September 27, 2014

Last Saturday, Toronto-based Etsy sellers switched gears from manning their online shopfronts to selling in-person at the Made In Canada marketplace. Located in the new wing of the MaRS building, the event was jam packed with locavores scooping up handmade cookies, soaps, cards, pillows and, of course, jewelry, clothes and bags! I went early in hopes of being one of the first 50 attendees to score a swag bag. Continue reading

Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: October 1-6

Tag on a Jordan de Ruiter tulle skirt, Etsy Made in Canada show, September 27 2014
Tag on a Jordan de Ruiter tulle skirt, Etsy Made in Canada show, September 27 2014

Oh Saturday, you were wonderful! I hit up both the Etsy Made In Canada and Blogger Bazaar events. It was a beautiful day and many treasures were purchased. I’ll be telling you all about my Etsy adventure in a near-future post but wanted to share my finds from the Blogger Bazaar. I managed to refresh my fall wardrobe for $62 and got a sweet swag bag in the process. Continue reading

Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 24-30

My Bookhou black triange tote bag in a dressing room, Anthropologie Yorkdale, September 12, 2014
My Bookhou black triangle tote bag in a dressing room, Anthropologie Yorkdale, September 12, 2014

My sartorial cup runneth over this Saturday! I was all ready to give my full attention to the Etsy: Made in Canada market, featuring Toronto based Etsy sellers at both MaRS and OCAD. Some of my favourites, like Bookhou (see my much complimented tote bag, pictured), will be there and I look forward to discovering new faves. But along came the announcement that the Fall 2014 edition of the Blogger Bazaar would be happening on the same day! New, vintage and gently used fall duds for sale from local fashion bloggers like Nelia Belkova of Style Blog and Sharon Ng Hayes of The Backseat Stylers. 10% of proceeds go to Dress for Success and you get a sweet swag bag with purchase. Looks like I’ll be brown-bagging my lunch all week to save up for both events and getting a good night sleep on Friday!

The Globe and Mail recently published an interview with Canadian fashion designer Jeremy Laing by Jeanne Beker. Co-curators of the Politics of Fashion/Fashion of Politics exhibition, Beker talks to Laing about his early (and possibly temporary) retirement from designing and about people’s personal style. It’s a great read and I especially love what Laing has to say about the relationship between fashion and us regular folk:

Most people don’t have the luxury to be able to think about [they way they dress] all that much. People within the industry live and breathe it, but people who buy a lot of clothes, fashion is, for them, just one of the aspects of their life that they like.”

Well said, Mr. Laing. 

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Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 17-23

Fashion books at BMV, Bloor and Brunswick, September 16, 2014
Fashion books at BMV, Bloor and Brunswick, September 16, 2014

How do you know you’re a grad student? When you realize at 7pm that you’ve been wearing your leggings backwards all day. I sat through two classes and dinner at the Bier Markt before realizing this. Yes, even the stylish make the occasional fashion faux pas.

While I love grad school, I wish I wasn’t so busy because this week is full of fun fashion events! The Women in Clothes book launch at gravitypope includes a storytelling twist on a clothing swap, while the Politics of Fashion/Fashion of Politics exhibition opens on Wednesday with a cool soirée at the Design Exchange. For those who want to get their learning on, George Brown’s Evolution of Fashion class starts this week, while the ROM is hosting a lecture by Patricia Harris, a founding member of the Friends of Textiles & Costume. Finally, the JCMH Music Festival Flea Market caps this busy week off with vintage clothing and other goodies to be found.

Oh, and in case you haven’t notice, it’s freezing in Toronto! Last week I went from wearing a sundress with sandals to bundling up in a trench coat over a long skirt, boots, tights and button-down shirt. Dressing for Canadian weather is a constant challenge but I say bring it on, Mother Nature! My inbox has been filling up with fall fashion imagery from all the shops, and I’m feeling particularly inspired by this look from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie fall 2014 look
Anthropologie fall 2014 look

Quick style tip: skip the polyester and go for a skirt that’s wool or wool blend. It’s like wearing a stylish blanket, and extra-snug when paired with leggings and tall boots for when the weather really drops down. I’ve seen lots of knee-length skirts at second-hand shops for a fraction of the price of this one, which isn’t even lined. Cheap fashion at high prices; now that’s a major faux pas!

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Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 10-16

Display at the Fashion Follows Form exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum, August 21, 2014
Display at the Fashion Follows Form exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum, August 21, 2014

West Queen West must be feeling especially cool this week. According to Vogue US, it is among the 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World, alongside Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, Bushwick in New York City, and Tiong Bahru in Singapore. Although the criteria isn’t exactly clear, I’ve attempted to decode Vogue’s fashion speak. I think it is based on the neighborhoods that best embody the “new street style,” which steps away from attention-grabbing getups and moves towards a more utilitarian, practical but still hip look. Whatever that means, we’ll take it. Heck yeah Toronto!

It’s a quiet week for fashion events because really, who wants to compete with TIFF. Although personally, I’d pick the runway over the silver screen any day. However, the coming weeks are chock full of stylish goodness! Take a look at the list of upcoming events below and start making space in your calendar. To help you out, I’ve listed my top three picks for the rest of September:

  1. Women in Clothes: A Conversation. A Clothing Swap. A Book Launch, gravitypope (1010 Queen Street West), September 18, 7-9pm
  2. Politics of Fashion/Fashion of Politics (guest curated by Jeanne Beker), Design Exchange, September 18, 2014 – January 25, 2015
  3. Etsy: Made in Canada Day, MaRS building (101 College Street), September 27, 10am-4pm

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Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 2-9

Louis Vuitton bag and Converse high tops, St-George subway station, August 4, 2014

Toronto lovelies, it’s that time of the year again when we put away our shorts, bid summer a fond farewell and gear up for another year of … the Toronto International Film Festival!  TIFF is starting up this Thursday and it’ll be 10 days of red carpets, film screenings, and walking around Yorkville in dark shades, pretending to be a celebrity. I do not have your gala invite (or mine, for that matter) but Trove and Hush Puppies are co-hosting an event with free manicures and a chance to win tickets to the TIFF pre-festival soiree! Plus you can scope out the new Hush Puppies collection, which includes cuties like the Mindset Chukka and the Erike Lonna. Nothing like a fun and practical bootie to warm up the Canadian fall/winter season.

Hush Puppies Mindset Chukka - Black
Hush Puppies Mindset Chukka – Black


Hush Puppies Erike Lonna - Black
Hush Puppies Erike Lonna – Black

The big fashion to-do this week has got to be INLAND. INLAND is brand new event in the form of a shopping marketplace with clothing and accessories for men and women from over 80 Canadian designers whose collections are all made in Canada. Sounds like a True North fashion lover’s dream! Unfortunately I’ll be out-of-town this weekend, but let me know what sweet scores and new designers you discover if you go!

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