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Hello Kitty coin purse in Guess handbag, July 31, 2014
Hello Kitty coin purse in Guess handbag, July 31, 2014

Fashion lovers, here’s a tip. If you’re going out to an arena concert or big outdoor show, remember when packing your cute crossbody or canvas tote that security will probably ask to look inside your bag before letting you in. I forgot this and proceeded to turn a bright red when a nice security guard at the ACC complimented my bag, then asked to see inside. Does it get any girlier than a Hello Kitty change purse (see pic above)?! I don’t think so. Any semblance of being a cool, mature woman was bust. He laughed, I blushed. But it was a cute moment.

When I’m not randomly exposing my love for Hello Kitty, I’m usually at a museum. Today was a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum for The Forbidden City exhibition which turned out to be surprisingly fashionable. The exhibition features artifacts from the world’s largest imperial place, located in Beijing, that now serves as a museum. Among the stunning treasures were gorgeous embroidered silk robes, a silk and sable riding jacket, jeweled hairpins, fierce ceremonial armour, silk military rank badges, and an empress’s court boots. Personal highlights were a pair of intricate nail guards (women of the court would grow their nails up to 15 cm long!), a dark blue silk informal sleeveless coat (kanjian) carefully embroidered with gold thread, and one of the Twelve Beauties paintings featuring a Beauty sewing by candlelight. Also, fun fact: when Empress Dowager Cixi would approve a robe design, it could take up to 450 craftsmen to create it! Yes, that’s four hundred and fifty. Not a typo. The Forbidden City is on display till September 1st, so get to the ROM soon! Unfortunately photography is not allowed, but I have to share this photo from the ROM’s website of silk robe made for a dog. Yep, even the dogs were styling.

Imperial silk dog robe, Royal Ontario Museum, August 5, 2014 (source:
Imperial silk dog robe, The Forbidden City exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum. (source:

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