Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 2-9

Louis Vuitton bag and Converse high tops, St-George subway station, August 4, 2014

Toronto lovelies, it’s that time of the year again when we put away our shorts, bid summer a fond farewell and gear up for another year of … the Toronto International Film Festival!  TIFF is starting up this Thursday and it’ll be 10 days of red carpets, film screenings, and walking around Yorkville in dark shades, pretending to be a celebrity. I do not have your gala invite (or mine, for that matter) but Trove and Hush Puppies are co-hosting an event with free manicures and a chance to win tickets to the TIFF pre-festival soiree! Plus you can scope out the new Hush Puppies collection, which includes cuties like the Mindset Chukka and the Erike Lonna. Nothing like a fun and practical bootie to warm up the Canadian fall/winter season.

Hush Puppies Mindset Chukka - Black
Hush Puppies Mindset Chukka – Black


Hush Puppies Erike Lonna - Black
Hush Puppies Erike Lonna – Black

The big fashion to-do this week has got to be INLAND. INLAND is brand new event in the form of a shopping marketplace with clothing and accessories for men and women from over 80 Canadian designers whose collections are all made in Canada. Sounds like a True North fashion lover’s dream! Unfortunately I’ll be out-of-town this weekend, but let me know what sweet scores and new designers you discover if you go!

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2 thoughts on “Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 2-9

  1. Hi there, just noticed you have the ‘Etsy: Made in Canada’ pop-ups dated for September 28th — but they will be happening on Saturday September 27th, all over Canada and only on the Saturday.

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