Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: Sept 17-23

Fashion books at BMV, Bloor and Brunswick, September 16, 2014
Fashion books at BMV, Bloor and Brunswick, September 16, 2014

How do you know you’re a grad student? When you realize at 7pm that you’ve been wearing your leggings backwards all day. I sat through two classes and dinner at the Bier Markt before realizing this. Yes, even the stylish make the occasional fashion faux pas.

While I love grad school, I wish I wasn’t so busy because this week is full of fun fashion events! The Women in Clothes book launch at gravitypope includes a storytelling twist on a clothing swap, while the Politics of Fashion/Fashion of Politics exhibition opens on Wednesday with a cool soirée at the Design Exchange. For those who want to get their learning on, George Brown’s Evolution of Fashion class starts this week, while the ROM is hosting a lecture by Patricia Harris, a founding member of the Friends of Textiles & Costume. Finally, the JCMH Music Festival Flea Market caps this busy week off with vintage clothing and other goodies to be found.

Oh, and in case you haven’t notice, it’s freezing in Toronto! Last week I went from wearing a sundress with sandals to bundling up in a trench coat over a long skirt, boots, tights and button-down shirt. Dressing for Canadian weather is a constant challenge but I say bring it on, Mother Nature! My inbox has been filling up with fall fashion imagery from all the shops, and I’m feeling particularly inspired by this look from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie fall 2014 look
Anthropologie fall 2014 look

Quick style tip: skip the polyester and go for a skirt that’s wool or wool blend. It’s like wearing a stylish blanket, and extra-snug when paired with leggings and tall boots for when the weather really drops down. I’ve seen lots of knee-length skirts at second-hand shops for a fraction of the price of this one, which isn’t even lined. Cheap fashion at high prices; now that’s a major faux pas!

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