Tribute to WORN Fashion Journal

Worn Journal
Worn Journal display at Word on the Street, Queen’s Park Circle, September 21, 2014

I may be a blogger, but I also love print media. Fashion magazines have been an ongoing source of style fascination and education since I was a pre-teen. It began with ‘Teen and Seventeen, moved onto Sassy and Jane, then grew into InStyle, Elle, and Vogue. However, I’ve found myself growing distinterested in the hyper-marketing and narrow definitions of beauty that plague the pages of these magazines, especially the American ones. Luckily, Canadian publications have made a noticeable effort to find their own voice and content. One publication that has made a name for itself away from the pack is WORN Fashion Journal. An independent publication run by a group of Toronto volunteers, WORN takes a more critical, historical and academic look at fashion. Plus it’s gorgeous to look at! The high-quality print job showcases their innovative graphic design and photo shoots, which compliment their well-researched and thought-provoking articles. One of their tag lines is “We won’t tell you what to wear, but we will ask you why.” Genius!

Wornettes at Word on the Street
Wornettes at Word on the Street

Unfortunately, after 10 years and 20 issues, WORN has decided to hang up their hats. They haven’t offered an explanation and I’m respecting that choice by not asking them why. Their 20th issue will be a double-issue and is only available by pre-order till October 30. Also, there will be a final party (their Second Hand Proms and Black Cat Balls are always a good time) which is currently TBA. WORN was at Word on the Street last month, selling some of their back issues. Because WORN does not focus on current trends, their articles are always relevant. You can order back issues here or buy their recently released anthology, The WORN Archive, at local bookshops like Type Books or directly from their publisher (where it’s currently on sale!). For additional reading, there’s a great profile on WORN in the Summer issue of Shameless Magazine.

I'm a Wornette!
I’m a Wornette!

So this post goes out to all the Wornettes who made and supported WORN and gave readers and fashion lovers an alternative to mainstreams ways of thinking about fashion. You will be missed but you will always be in style.

Pre-order WORN’s final issue here and keep an eye on Curated Style’s Toronto Fashion & Style Calendar, updated every Tuesday, for news on their farewell party.


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