My Curated Style: #WashableFashion Challenge

Earlier this week, I blogged about The Backseat Stylers‘ #WashableFashion contest. Everyday for six days, they challenged their readers with different themes such as Red Haute, Desk to Dinner and Black + White. Daily winners would receive a Pink Tartan and Tide prize pack. So of course I accepted the challenge! If you couldn’t tell from my big old dorky smile, I had a ton of fun doing this! These photos pretty much reflect my day-to-day look, but I also pushed myself on days I normally dress down (ah, good old Sunday).

One thing I hope you do notice is that I’ve reworn a few items. Look at my footwear. The same boots and shoes make several appearances. We don’t all have the means to wear completely brand new outfits everyday. And why would we?! I bought those black boots five years ago and polish them regularly. Anyone who knows me will recognize the black-and-white striped Club Monaco top in Challenge #6; it’s been to a lot of parties! The long-sleeve tee in the Red Haute outfit is worn on a weekly basis. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a constant parade of new clothes to be fashionable. I like having well-loved items that have been with me for awhile and have stories to tell. They can be worn in new ways or re-imagined with different accessories. I tacked on a red felted heart brooch to spruce up the striped top and threw a new cardigan over my not-so-new black dress. Style is about creativity and how you put things together, not about how much new clothing you have.

Did you take part in the challenge? I’d love to see how you interpreted the themes! Post a link in the comments below or tweet me @jordashna.


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