Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: January 14-20

Display at the Bay, Yorkdale Mall, January 3, 2015
Display at Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale Mall, January 3, 2015

I normally love BlogTO but their recent street style post left me a bit cold. And no one needs to be any colder in this polar vortex! Titled “The top 20 street style looks in Toronto from 2014,” it featured their top photos from their ongoing street style feature. Almost everyone, especially the women, looked the same. Sure, their outfits were cute but there was nothing spectacular, nothing that made me go “Oh wow, where did she get that?!” Luckily, the men had a bit more personality and variety. I’m looking at you, #16 Jim! You rock the polka dot shirt, patterned belt and Birks!

photo: Mauricio Calero, BlogTO (source:
photo: Mauricio Calero, BlogTO (source)

Toronto, I know you have way more style and diversity! Check out Nelia Belkova at Style Blog or Kaylee Giffin of The Blondielocks. And of course, there’s yours truly. Who are your top Toronto style stars?

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