Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: March 11-17

1920s outfits, Spadina House, March 5, 2015
1920s outfits, Spadina House, March 5, 2015

Last week, my Blackberry bit the dust. I’ve been faithful to my BB (it’s all about the keyboard), but really it was time for an upgrade. I’m now the proud owner of a new-to-me iPhone and, more importantly, am a newly minted Instagrammer! Yeah, yeah, #latetothegame. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer and the utter opposite of an Early Adopter. Which seems like an odd thing for a fashion blogger to say, but great style is about knowing who you are and expressing your individuality through your sartorial choices, rather than being first to wear the latest.

All this to say, you can now follow me, @jordashna, on Instagram! I’ll be posting snaps of my Toronto fashion adventures, like the one above from Spadina House, a lovely historic manor showcasing life in the 1920s and 1930s, including these gorgeous outfits. Fashion can be found everywhere!

Unfortunately, there’s a bit less fashion to be found in the event calendar this week, which makes it the perfect time to save up for the One of a Kind Show happening later this month! A little tip: if you want to save the admission ticket price, you can try winning them here and here!

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