Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: April 22-28

Exile, Kensington and St. Andrew, April 19, 2015
Exile, Kensington Market (Kensington Ave. and St. Andrew St,), April 19, 2015

Fashion Art Toronto (also known as FAT) celebrates 10 years with its annual FAT Arts & Fashion Week. If you’re into fashion as an artistic medium, then Arts & Fashion Week is for you! Not only are there runway shows, but there are also fashion-inspired films, dance performances, music, and installations. Just pick a day and buy a day pass at the door for access to all the fun! Plus this year’s theme is #MadeInCanada, a hashtag I can get behind. There are so many talented designers in this country that deserve our attention. It’s a shame they receive so little support from the government. According to the latest issue of NOW Magazine, “the Ontario Arts Council does not consider fashion to be a cultural industry.” Wait, what?! Pick up the latest issue of NOW (the one with Stephen Harper riding a polar bear on the cover) to read more.

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