Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: March 25-31


It’s a fantastic fashion week! There are plenty of shows, tours, contests, and workshops to choose from. I’m a busy bee with school and work, so I’ve had to limit myself to following World MasterCard Fashion Week on Instagram while still making time for the One of a Kind Show this Thursday.  Continue reading


Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: November 19-25

Looks from Mélissa Nepton's WMCFW runway show, October 21, 2014
Looks from Mélissa Nepton’s WMCFW runway show, October 21, 2014

Hello snow! I left my home yesterday and stepped into a winter wonderland. Having grown up in Quebec, this weather is right up my alley. But I do sympathize with those of you not enjoying the snow and ice. So here’s my number one Toronto winter fashion tip: buy some rain boots. Yup, rain boots.  Continue reading