Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: January 14-20

Display at the Bay, Yorkdale Mall, January 3, 2015
Display at Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale Mall, January 3, 2015

I normally love BlogTO but their recent street style post left me a bit cold. And no one needs to be any colder in this polar vortex! Titled “The top 20 street style looks in Toronto from 2014,” it featured their top photos from their ongoing street style feature. Continue reading

Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar: August 19-25

Toronto is a lovely city, but some weekends call for a day trip! Me and the lovely gals from Real Life Real Eats (a fun, local food Instagram) hit the road in search of farmers markets, antiques and fashion! Delicious pies were consumed, old treasures were found, and a fashion exhibit was explored. If you are ever in Kitchener, I suggest a stop at the Waterloo Region Museum. Housed in an impressive building, the museum is home to Street Style, an exhibit co-presented by the Fashion History Museum. The exhibition displays fashion from the mid 19th century to today, making connections with architectural trends in the Waterloo region. I put together a little slideshow with highlights from the museum’s collection and Street Style. Oh and be sure to watch the video above, which was featured in the exhibit!

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In other news, Cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model debuted this week! ANTM is definitely my guilty pleasure. Normally this has nothing to do with Toronto (R.I.P. Canada’s Next Top Model) but one contestant is from the good ol’ Tdot! She’s gorgeous and seems pretty cool. All the best to her this season!

If reality television is not your bag, you might want to check out the new Yves Saint Laurent movie. Released on August 15, this movie is playing at one theatre in Toronto and has English subtitles, so it might not be available for long! Go soon if you want to see it on the big screen. And how lovely is the movie poster?! I’d love to have a copy to hang in my future office.

Yves Saint Laurent movie poster
Yves Saint Laurent movie poster

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